Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do we trust enough in Him?

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."  ~Philippians 4:13

This scripture has gotten me through many days in the past few months.  I thought it was very fitting that the first time I heard this scripture (that I can remember) was right after Brielle was born.  We were in the hospital over the weekend, so a sweet elderly couple came to bring us the sacrament.  They shared this quote.  I knew I would need this reminder constantly as I adjusted to this new lifestyle.  However, even though I have this quote visibly displayed, so that I can be constantly reminded, I forget so easily.

Along with this, there is something equally important that we also need to remember.  That is that Heavenly Father loves us.  These two principles go hand-in-hand.  Why does Christ strengthen us?  Because He loves us.  I feel like I am constantly battling feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.  I am a worrier.  The smallest things give me anxiety.  And I expect a lot of myself.  I often wonder if I am doing enough, if I am giving enough attention and devotion to each area of my daily life, especially as a mother and a wife.  My husband has had to remind me many times that I do not need to do this alone.  Heavenly Father will help me, if I but ask.  A thought has come to me many times, in regards to how important it is to ask Heavenly Father for help.  If He simply gave us all that we needed, because He does know what we need, we would fail to recognize and appreciate where our blessings truly come from.  However, because we ask, we are blessed with reminders that Heavenly Father is listening, that He loves us, and that He is waiting to bless us, if we but ask.  This is manifested in small and simple things everyday.  

There is a great example of Brooklynn learning this principle.  We were visiting Nana and Papa in St. George.  She really wanted to go swimming one day, but it was extremely windy.  Not good swimming  conditions, despite the hot weather.  I told her we should say a prayer that Heavenly Father would make the wind stop so we could go swimming.  He answered that sweet, simple prayer almost immediately, and she has never forgotten it.  

If we pay close attention, such reminders surround us everyday.  If we are not paying attention, we will miss them.   I am convinced that Heavenly Father placed each of us on this earth with a specific path to follow.  Only He knows the destination at this point.  Only He knows of our full potential.  We must place our complete faith in Him and trust that He will lead us there.  How are we going to reach that glorious end, if we do not stop and appreciate the little Heaven-sent reminders?  When I take the time to reflect on this, I am amazed to see that He is involved in every detail of our lives.  The other day, I was stressing about getting my Costco shopping done before I had to pick Brook up from school, because I had a small window. I prayed for help.  In answer to that, Jeff happened to finish school early that day, and he was able to get a head start, and together, we literally finished right on time.  I am constantly praying for help at work, because I am still so new and still have a lot to learn.  I am constantly getting help.  I prayed all summer that Brielle would start sleeping though the night before I went back to work.  If she did get up, I prayed that I would have strength to get through the day.  She started sleeping through the night 3 weeks before I went back to work.  Yay!  There have been nights I have had to get up once, but I have survived.  That is a huge blessing for me.  I think things like this are the biggest testimony-builders for me.  I pray for these seemingly tiny things, and He grants them to me.  I feel so much love for Him and from Him when I see these things manifest in my life. 

Something else I struggle with, is that for some reason, I have doubts that Heavenly Father wants to answer a prayer.  Our natural inclination is to pray for help.  Sometimes, I have this weird debate in my head, worrying that maybe Heavenly Father really wants me to have this trial, so maybe I shouldn't pray for help.  He gently reminds me: "What does it hurt to ask?"  He will answer that prayer according to His will, so why not ask anyway?  So, no matter how strange or menial a plea for help may seem, just know that it never hurts to ask for help.  The plea will be answered in one way or another.  However the answer comes, we have to trust in Heavenly Father's plan for us, and that He is leading us on the right path.

Sometimes, we do have greater difficulties placed in our paths.  If we forget to turn to the Lord, then, yes, it will remain a mountain.  It will bog us down.  But we MUST remember our greatest source of strength in this life.  We were not meant to walk this path alone.  We need to turn to Heavenly Father, and to our Savior.  They know where we need to end up, so why wouldn't we turn to them, to help us get there?  Our loving Savior suffered the unimaginable for us, for this very reason.  We would be denying His great gift, if we did not turn to Him for strength.  We CAN do all things in the strength of the Lord.  But do we trust enough in that promise?

"Do you believe that the seas will hold your feet if you go?  Close your eyes; feel Him inside.  Walk to what you know is true, and He will not fail you."  ~Jenny Phillips.
Do we trust enough that His love will get us through?

I had to include this song by Jenny Phillips.  I just love music.  It is so powerful.  It served as my inspiration for this post.


  1. You not only make a mother proud, you bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart! I love you!

  2. I love your posts. They inspire me. You inspire me. I identify with your struggles and your joys and your words of faith. Thanks for writing them and for being a great example.